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Eco bags

Environment friendly paper and plastic eco bags with logo

In the reality of nowadays world, an extremely important aspect of human activities is the care of nature. Everyday we are trying various ways to keep our natural environment clean. MM-flex company shall endeavour to offer you the widest range of pro-nature solutions. That’s the reason why you can find in our shop the eco-friendly printed paper bags. Of course, ecological products does not wear out the means to take care of environment. One should also use them wisely, therefore we encourage everyone to use our bags multiple times and when they finally get worn out, to segregate them in an appropriate manner.

Eco-bags would also help your company to establish environmentally friendly image. Customers more and more value enterprises that use nature friendly technology.


The plastic bags available in our offer are made of environmentally neutral film that is also recyclable. As a proof that our products are friendly to the nature, all of them have a special imprint.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic

Our plastic products might have special additions, with which they biodegrade faster in presence of natural weather conditions – sun and moisture. The epi and d2w additions are also in our offer and we always document their usage with appropriate footer.


Kraft eco-paper

MM-flex offers you printed paper bags produced with special type of paper, in a very appealing, brownish-grey shade. No bleaching agent was used in the production process.

Eco bags
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