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Advertising bags FAQ – the online answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why MM-flex is the leader in the advertising bags industry?

Our advertising bags, available in online shop, are produced with the best available materials. They are durable and have high quality print. Below you can find the answers to the most frequently questions regarding our products, activities and advertising bags product process.

Does MM-flex provide only printed bags?

We specialize in producing paper and plastic bags with custom prints and designs but in our offer you can also find other types of packaging, such as: plastic food bags, paper pastry bags, poly mailer bags and folders. If you need more details, please contact our regional sales representative.

Does MM-flex offer standard bags?

Every product offered by MM-flex is delivered on request and is catered for the individual needs of every customer. And universal, standard bag does not simply exist, because every industry and company has different needs.

What exactly determines the durability of a bag?

Durability depends on various factors (among others: material type, thickness, handle type). By contacting our regional sales representative you will get a full, free advice and samples of various bags. Our expert, using our wide experience, will help you choose the best solution.

What kind of bags does MM-flex offer?

As one of the the biggest provider of advertising bags in Poland, our offer contains of any form of plastic and paper bags available on the home market: patch handle bags, “market” die cut and loop handle polyethylene bags, paper bags made of Kraft, chalk, offset, coated and greaseproof paper.

What is the difference between LDPE and HDPE film?

Polyethylene LD differs from the HD in the density. LDPE is a soft, smooth, shiny and elastic film. HDPE is matt, harder and rustling. Thicker versions of HDPE films are significantly stiffer. We also offer a mid-way solution: a MDPE film, which balances the characteristics of both films.

What is the difference between Kraft, art and offset paper?

The Kraft, art and offset papers differ in paper density, texture and utilization. Our sales representative should explain all the most important characteristics and help you choose the material that suits your needs.

What colours you can print?

We can apply almost any colour of Pantone colours (including metallic silver or gold) and mix of CMYK colour model – several millions shades!

What are the possible sorts of prints?

We can print both simple, full-coloured elements as well as complex, colourful, photorealistic images. For further details please contact our sales representative.

How much does a print graphic design cost?

Our customers receive a free service of preparing graphic design. In the event that the potential customer finally does not place an order, we charge a lump sum of PLN 50 nett per project for the graphic designer labour.

Will I receive a sample of my ordered bag?

Because of the complexity of the production process, the production cost of only one bag would be almost equal to the cost of the whole order. Therefore, the prototype bag would cost approximately three quarters of the total cost, which makes the preparation of a sample practically non-existend in the industry. However, our sales representatives do have samples of all the products in our offer and they provide them during the free advisory phase.

How much does the bags cost?

The price is a result of many factors, such as: type and thickness of the material, decoration type (handles, folds), size, kind and width of the print and amount of bags in the edition. It’s simply impossible to answer such question directly. Detailed information is given by our sales representatives while preparing a custom offer.

What are the delivery times?

Usually from one to siex weeks, depending on the amount and sort of the ordered product.

How much does the shipping cost?

In Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic the delivery to one appointed spot is free of charge.

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