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About us / history

MM-flex – we produce advertising bags since 1991.

Our beginnings

Since the beginning of the ‘90s MM-flex has been one of the biggest providers on the advertising bags market in Poland.

Our history began in 1991 with change and liberalisation of the freedom of establishment law. With the dynamically developing free market many enterprises were established and as the competition increased, the need for advertisement emerged. The need that is satisfied perfectly by companies producing advertising bags.

Right from the start, we have been also focused on setting high standards in B2B customer service with its comprehensiveness: creating concepts, advisory and consultation, designing graphics, project realisation and product delivery along with after-sales support. We are proud to say that we have cooperated with many customers ceaselessly for 25 years!

From international trade to the intra-community supply of goods

Since 2000 vast majority of our realisations has been exported to neighbouring countries. Integration of Central Europe and European Union has increased our entrepreneurial intensity among our southern neighbours and the continuously developing export department promotes Polish entrepreneurship in Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands and many other countries.

Commercial company and further development

In 2007 we changed our company’s legal status to “sp. z o.o.” (that is Polish equivalent for Ltd. company) and two years later we entered the “Rzetelna Firma” (“Reliable Company”) programme. Our vendors, who supply us with materials, of which we make our advertising bags, value our diligence, credibility and timely payments. The year 2009 brought new products to our offer: printed paper bags and folders.

The continuous expansion of the sales and logistics department allowed us to move the company to the newly built headquarters in Chorzów, Gałeczki street. Witnessing another sales revolution and partial transferring of the sales to the web, we offered our e-commerce partners branded poly mailer bags (also with convenient die cut handle).

Proud to be trusted

For the last 30 years of our work, realising over 30 000 domestic and foreign customer orders, we have not forgotten about the fact that the trade is based on understanding who our partners are, learning about their needs and requirements as well as finding the best way of meeting them.

We kindly invite you to see our wide product range and would also remind you (rephrasing Jeff Bezos’s words): if you want 20 millions customers, that means you need 20 millions advertising bags!

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