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Printed paper bags and products

The printed paper bags, created by MM-flex are products of the highest quality. We use non-toxic and environmentally neutral, recyclable materials. In order to receive paper bags price list, please contact us by any mean. As a bag manufacturer we try to take care not only of our customers satisfaction but also of nature. Paper bags, that you can order in our online shop, are divided into few categories: standard carrier bags, decorative printed bags, block and folded bags and only recently also branded folders. Images, printed on our bags, are durable and have almost unlimited usage possibilities. We print the simplest images as well as full format photos. All projects are created after series of thorough discussion with customers, so that our products suited your needs and requirements in the best possible way. Every order results in producing custom and unique bags. From the first order up to delivering the finished bags, you can count on your support and advice.

We use various sorts of paper to produce our bags, depending on the needs and the final purpose of the bag. The most frequently used papers are: chalk paper, Kraft paper, offset and decorative paper. Their density differs from 70 to 350 g/m2, so you may choose paper for both delicate, light sachets and for durable, thick folders. The colouring tinctures give unlimited possibilities to dye and print patterns, while the texture allows us to create really innovative and original solutions. Have a look at the gallery of our realisations!

Various types of paper
  • Kraft – available in colours: brown and white, smooth and ribbed versions. Density: 70 – 130 g/m2
  • Chalk – in our offer there is a wide and varied density of this paper, beginning with 150 g/m2 to end with 350 g/m2
  • Offset – this paper is available in densities: 150 or 170 g/m2
  • Decorative paper – several hundred types of decorative paper, with interesting structure, dyed on the customer’s request
Wide colour range

The bag can be coloured by printing the whole surface or by dyeing.

Professional printing

Almost any print is possible to make – beginning with simple, one-coloured image in the centre of the bag, to end with multicolour, photorealistic image, covering the whole surface – including folds.

Every production is adjusted to individual preferences and requirements of the customer. Have a look at the gallery of our realisations!

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