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Printed plastic bags and other products

We divided the plastic standard and printed bags to few categories: patch handle bags and die cut bags, loop handle bags and poly mailer bags, standard food bags and smaller pouches. All bags are produced with non-toxic polyethylene in various colours and sorts, fully neutral to the environment. Nature is extremely important to us, therefore we have made much effort to make our bags recyclable. As the manufacturer we encourage our customers to design printed bags suited to your needs and requirements. The great number of film sorts grants almost unlimited possibilities. Printed plastic bags and carrier bags branded with logo and company graphics positively influence brand image and also allow to widen the advertisement range – especially if they are a high quality, durable product like MM-flex bags.

The quality is reflected in our materials: the film, which thickness varies from 9 to 100 micrometres, guarantees durability of prints and toughness of the product itself. Feel free to contact us, our graphic designer will create a design for you free of charge – a design that would emphasise the values shared by your company. We offer help and advice in every phase and even more – we also provide free shipment. Have a look at the gallery of our realisations and feel free to contact us to get even more info about our plastic bags! The trust of our customers and long-term cooperation are the best award we can win.

Various types of foil
  • LDPE – soft, smooth, shiny and slightly elastic
  • HDPE inflexible, slightly rustling and stiff, half-matt
  • MDPE – balances the LDPE and HDPE advantages
  • CPP (CAST) – elastic, greasy to the touch, highly transparent

In our offer you can find following types of films: highly transparent, transparent with “frost effect” and dyed in wide variety of colours.

Wide colour range

The bag can be coloured by printing the whole surface or by dyeing.

Professional printing

Almost any print is possible to make – beginning with simple, one-coloured image in the centre of the bag, to end with multicolour, photorealistic image, covering the whole surface. We offer also additional solutions like matt prints or combining matt and shiny prints in one design.

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